The Cannabis Science Bible is Back!

If you are a Cannabis educator, clinician, patient, or caregiver – you will not want to miss this!

The 3rd edition of the Curious About Cannabis book is finally here! This is the best version of the Cannabis science bible yet – now available in a larger format, in hardback binding, full color, featuring special guest contributions, and over 100 pages of new content! Curious About Cannabis has become a trusted name in Cannabis science education, with colleges across North America now relying on the Curious About Cannabis book as an introductory Cannabis science textbook. Now Curious About Cannabis is back with more chapters, refined content, and even special surprises for the especially curious minds out there!

With all the hype building around this plant – you need a resource you can trust, and Curious About Cannabis is it!

Get your copy of the Curious About Cannabis book at or

You can also find Curious About Cannabis on, Barnes and Noble, and other book retailers!

Transcend the hype and get your copy of the Curious About Cannabis book today!

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