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Curious About Cannabis® is a leading Cannabis education platform dedicated to promoting scientific literacy and critical thinking about the Cannabis plant, cannabinoids and the endocannabinoid system. Developed by natural products researcher, author and science communicator Jason Wilson, MS, in collaboration with a host of incredible contributors consisting of clinicians, scientists, patients, and industry professionals, Curious About Cannabis® has become a trusted resource for curious minds, Cannabis educators, clinicians and connoisseurs alike since 2014!

No matter how far down the rabbit hole you want to go, we are here to stoke your curiosity!

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BONUS: Will Insurance Companies Ever Cover Cannabis Expenses? with Liz Thompson PhDc, MSc
After our initial episode concluded with Liz Thompson, we decided we had more to talk about so we hit record! Enjoy this bonus conversation where we explore how Canada handles insurance coverage for Cannabis expenses and what the future of health insurance coverage for Cannabis could look like in Canada and the US.
22 February 2024
Train with Mary Jane: Inside the NFL’s Quest to Research Cannabinoids for Athletic Injury with Liz Thompson PhDc, MSc |…
Elizabeth Thompson is a researcher at the University of Saskatchewan currently working on a project that has started to get international attention – the National Football League’s (NFL) million dollar research project to understand how cannabinoids could impact the health and safety of athletes. In this behind-the-scenes conversation we hear Liz’s story about her personal […]
22 February 2024
HHC, THCP, and Beyond with Westley Cruces of Colorado Chromatography
You may have noticed that your local gas station has started selling products marketed like Cannabis products with promises that they are legal ways to get you high without THC. No, we haven’t gone back in time. This isn’t 1999 and no, you’re not reading one of those “legal bud” ads in the back of […]
8 February 2024
Is Acetone Lurking in Your Terpenes? and Other Cannabis Science Musings feat. Jeff Raber, PhD
We kick off 2024 catching up with Dr. Jeff Raber of The Werc Shop to talk about Cannabis quality, Cannabis potency testing fraud, THC inflation, acetone showing up in Cannabis extracts, preparing young scientists for working in the Cannabis industry, the launch of The Werc Shop’s ENTOUR brand and more! How do we fix the […]
23 January 2024
Looking Back on Cannabis Research from 2023 | BTS 96
Welcome back! In this episode we will spend some time diving into some of the top several scientific research articles about Cannabis that got my attention in 2023. Also, don’t forget to sign up for the 2024 Curious About Cannabis Master Class before we fill up! As of now we have 7 spots left before […]
16 November 2023
EPIC 2024 Master Class, Book Discounts, Equipment Upgrades, and More Updates!
What’s going on with Curious About Cannabis? Lots! Tune in to learn about the updates. Go to http://www.masterclasscannabis.com to sign up for the 2024 Curious About Cannabis Master Class Visit http://member.cacpodcast.com/ to join the Curious About Cannabis membership platform and get access to courses, videos, every podcast episode including unreleased episodes, and more! Use code […]
2 November 2023
Cannabis – A Case of Cultonomic Neglect with Trevor Wittke | BTS 95
Did our modern conception of “sativa”, “indica”, and “ruderalis” come about because of politics rather than science? What have been the political and social factors influencing how scientists have studied and discussed Cannabis? I had the opportunity to meet Trevor Wittke to talk all about these issues and more. Trevor is a Cannabis breeder and […]
3 July 2023
Photoperiods, Flushing, and the Science of Dense Buds with Michael Alden of Clemson University
12/12 photoperiods for flowering? Flushing for better flower? Eh, you might have been misled. In this episode we meet Michael Alden, a researcher at Clemson University in South Carolina who has spent several years carefully examining how the Cannabis plant responds to inputs, stress and different cultivation techniques. He shares with us his findings so […]
28 June 2023
The Science Behind CBG: A Pharmacist’s Perspective with Codi Peterson PharmD MS
Explore the fascinating world of Cannabigerol (CBG) in the latest episode of our podcast! We are joined by our friendly neighborhood pharmacist – Dr. Codi Peterson. As we delve into the hot topic of CBG, we cover its effects on the body and compare it to other medications. We also take an unexpected detour to […]
13 June 2023
Seeing Through The Smoke: Separating Cannabis Facts from Fiction with Peter Grinspoon, MD | BTS 92
In this behind-the-scenes episode we catch up with physician and medical Cannabis educator Peter Grinspoon, MD to talk about the ways in which Cannabis is misunderstood – both by the anti-Cannabis camps and the pro-Cannabis camps. We talk about the clinical data around medical Cannabis, what issues Cannabis has demonstrated efficacy in treating, the limitations […]
19 May 2023
Remembering Raphael Mechoulam’s Legacy on Cannabis Science with Mark Scialdone, PhD | BTS 91
In this special episode we get together with chemist and Cannabis science educator Mark Scialdone, PhD to talk about the passing of “the godfather of Cannabis science”, Raphael Mechoulam, PhD. After his passing, many media and news outlets failed to accurately portray Mechoulam’s contributions or his place in the grand story of Cannabis science – […]
5 May 2023

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