Month: July 2022

Cracking the Cannabis Enigma with Elana Kirsh Goldberg CEO of The Cannigma | BTS #73

In this behind-the-scenes interview we speak with Elana Goldberg, CEO of The Cannigma, an educational website focused on bringing readers scientifically-backed and reliable information about Cannabis. In our discussion we talk Elana’s history as a content creator and journalist working for The Jerusalem Post, the early days of The Cannigma and how the platform has evolved, lessons learned regarding Cannabis content creation and science reporting, core understandings about Cannabis that stand out to Elana after years of creating Cannabis content, and more! We also spin out into a discussion about Elana’s interests in mindfulness meditation and how Cannabis can sometimes be a tool for mindfulness.

About Elana: Elana is the CEO of The Cannigma. Born and raised in Sydney, Australia, she currently lives in Israel with her two kids and neurotic dog. She has 15 years of experience developing online content products, including publications such as,, and, and is passionate about delivering clear, compelling messages that anyone can understand. When she’s not in front of the computer or pacing around on the phone, you can find her meditating, lifting weights, or camping with her family.

Learn more about The Cannigma here:

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