I Think You’ll Like This… (Curious About Cannabis Updates)


Hey everybody, this is Jason with Curious About Cannabis. I wanted to let you know about some new developments here at Curious About Cannabis that I’m super excited about, and I think you will be too.

Our goal here at Curious About Cannabis has always been to develop educational materials and opportunities that accommodate all sorts of learning styles – whether you learn best through podcasts, videos, books, or otherwise. In keeping with this mission, Curious About Cannabis is about to enter its next phase of evolution as we roll out the Curious About Cannabis Learning Center hosted on The Natural Learning Academy at learn.naturaledu.com

To kick off this exciting development, we are launching our Curious About Cannabis Workshop Series, previously only available as an in-person classroom experience, now available in a virtual environment and accessible to anyone with an internet connection and a passion for learning. The workshop series is a twelve week series, broken up into two six week intensive workshops. And when I say intensive – I mean it. These workshops are no joke and are designed for people that are very serious about taking their education to the next level. These workshops give attendees the chance to study Cannabis and cannabinoid science with our lead instructors, which includes myself and the talented biochemist and molecular biologist Dr. Anthony Smith – who you may remember from one of my early episodes of the podcast. We will also be joined by a rotating group of guest educators including experience scientists, clinicians, industry professionals and subject matter experts.

These workshops are designed for small class sizes, often including around ten to twenty students, which allows for us to really dive deep into topics, with each student getting adequate opportunities to ask questions of the lead and guest instructors, gain one-on-one tutoring if needed, and work collaboratively with their peers. The workshops are also designed to engage each student’s unique interests and learning objectives – so no two workshops are exactly the same.

It is my hope that you will walk away from these workshops feeling empowered with the tools and resources you need to confidently continue you education on your own well after the workshop is over.

So with all of that said, go to our website at www.CACPodcast.com/Learn to find more information about our workshops, as well as other educational opportunities that will be coming soon to our learning platform, like our upcoming self-paced courses, resource libraries, and more.

I am so excited to see Curious About Cannabis evolve in this way and I hope that you will join me in spreading the word about our workshops and courses so that we can help spread high-quality Cannabis and cannabinoid science education opportunities to people all over the world. We are only just beginning, and already I am in the process of setting the stage for Curiosu About Cannabis to grow far beyond anything I had ever imagined – and it is only because of your continued support through listening and sharing about the Curious About Cannabis Podcast and the Curious About Cannabis book that this is possible – so THANK YOU. And a very special thanks to our patrons that have been supporting the Curious About Cannabis Podcast through recurring monthly donations to help the podcast remain available to the public for free without advertisers or sponsors. Collectively we have made over 60 hours of content freely available, and I know without a doubt that this would not be possible without your support.

So once again, visit www.CACPodcast.com/Learn to find out more about our workshops and other events that we will have coming soon.

That’s www.CACPodcast.com/Learn

And if you decide to sign up for our workshop, use coupon code “cacws75” for $75 off!

Stay curious, and take it easy!

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