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Harnessing AI for Sustainable Agriculture and Cannabis Education with Matthew Gates | BTS #80

In this behind-the-scenes conversation we drop in with integrated pest management specialist Matthew Gates to talk about his thoughts for this upcoming pest season before we spin off into a philosophical conversation about the impacts of AI and other technological advancements on Cannabis science education, regenerative agriculture, and more! We also throw in some anime references along the way to make for a great conversation.


This is Matthew’s third appearance on the podcast. If you are new to Matthew’s work, I recommend going back to listen to his first two episodes (BTS #68 and BTS #71) on the podcast to learn a ton about some of the science associated with integrated pest management and Cannabis cultivation.


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Jeff Lowenfels is Teaming with Bacteria (From Isn’t Life Curious?) | #76

In this feature from the Isn’t Life Curious? podcast, we meet virtually with gardener and author Jeff Lowenfels to discuss the magic that occurs in the microscopic world just beyond our eyes. Jeff just published a new book, Teaming with Bacteria, that unveils the incredible role of the Rhizophagy cycle by which plants act as “ranchers” to tend bacteria, bring them in for shearing, and then send them back to pasture for a time before the process starts again. Jeff explains how plants feed on these bacteria in a mutually beneficial way to get nitrogen and growth hormones while the bacteria get a safe space to exist with minimal competition.

But what does all of this mean for the common gardener or farmer? It means we can grow plants in an even smarter, mindful manner that takes advantage of the Rhizophagy cycle to reduce the need for fertilizers and excess inputs!

Check out Teaming with Bacteria (as well as the other three books from the “Teaming…” series) from Timber Press:

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Insects and Cannabis with Matthew Gates of Zenthanol Consulting | BTS #71

In this behind-the-scenes conversation we join for the second time on the podcast, integrated pest management specialist Matthew Gates. For this episode we focus exclusively on Cannabis pests and what Cannabis cultivators should be on the lookout for this coming outdoor season, as well as pests that indoor cultivators need to be thinking about. Our chat spins out into an interesting discussion on insect – plant adaptations and evolution that I hope you will enjoy.

Stay curious, and take it easy!

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Research References From This Episode:

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Unraveling the Mysteries of Integrated Pest Management with Matthew Gates | BTS #68

In this episode I cross paths with Matthew Gates, an Integrated Pest Management specialist with a passion for helping cultivators understand the ecology and biology of the grow environment to limit pests and help the overall ecosystem thrive. In this conversation we begin to unpack some basic concepts about IPM while highlighting important misconceptions. We discuss the basic philosophy behind IPM, the subtleties of symbiosis and mutualisms, common mistakes made when developing an IPM strategy, and more!

Check out Matthew’s YouTube Channel for more content from Zenthanol Consulting:

About Matthew:

Born and raised in San Diego, California, Matthew has consulted with various agricultural crops on IPM best practices since 2010 in crops such as Gerbera, Rose, Citrus, Tomato, Pepper, and Cannabis, focusing on the last crop more prominently for the latter half of this time. Related to this work is his science communication and educational endeavors on social media, where he shares useful pest prevention and curative strategies alongside academically-sourced information. Matthew is affiliated with the Cannabis Horticultural Association based in Humboldt, and regularly travels across the USA to evaluate cultivation sites for improved readiness against biosecurity threats. He is currently Staff Writer for SKUNK Magazine, has been featured in magazines such as Terpenes and Testing and 1000 Watts, and has spoken about rare and newly documented pests in the Cannabis cultivation industry, as well as novel treatments, using over 2000 academic sources composed in a personal database.


This is our last episode of 2021! Thanks so much for being apart of our journey this year. We already have a lot of fun plans for 2022 and cannot wait to start bringing you more content after we take a short break for the winter holidays.

BTS #56 Russell Pace of CHA (Cannabis Horticultural Association) on Ecologically Conscious Cultivation

In this behind-the-scenes episode we sit down with Russell Pace of the Cannabis Horticultural Association aka CHA to talk about ecologically conscious Cannabis cultivation. Russell has spent the past several years building an extensive educational database compiling information about ecologically conscious Cannabis cultivation strategies like companion planting, integrated pest management, water conservation, and more.

In our conversation we talked about what it means to cultivate in an ecologically conscious manner, preferred companion plants for Cannabis, important issues to consider when utilizing predatory insects, the unique challenges of ecologically conscious Cannabis cultivation at scale, and much more.

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Stay curious and take it easy!

BTS #52 Bryant Mason of Soil Doctor Consulting on Soil Considerations for Cannabis Cultivation

In this behind-the-scenes conversation we chat with Bryant Mason of Soil Doctor Consulting about the nuances of soil science in the context of Cannabis cultivation. We discussed his background in agriculture and edible landscaping, early lessons learned from cultivating Cannabis, common misconceptions about soil and soil science, unique considerations for soil mixes and amendment applications for Cannabis, and more!

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Stay curious and take it easy!

BTS #21 Samuel Moore of Hillside Hemp Oregon on Sustainable Farming, Seed Sourcing, CBD

In this behind-the-scenes (BTS) episode recorded in the summer of 2019, we join Hillside Hemp CEO and Cannabis cultivator, Samuel Moore, at his hemp farm in Southern Oregon to talk about sustainable farming practices, how small scale Cannabis farms can survive the growth of hemp farming, things to consider when sourcing Cannabis seeds, lessons learned from the “Great Hemp Seed Debacle of 2018”, and much more.

We hope to catch up with Sam again soon to see how his farm is doing this year compared to last year when this interview was recorded. Enjoy and stay curious!

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