BTS #59 Tarris Batiste of Don’t Let It Smoke You on Finding a Mature Relationship with Cannabis

In this behind-the-scenes episode we sit down with Tarris Batiste, the author of “Don’t Let It Smoke You”, a book that captures Tarris’ struggle to determine whether his Cannabis use was helping him realize the best version of himself. Through a process of rigorous self-reflection, Tarris adjusted his relationship with Cannabis substantially where, rather than cutting Cannabis out of his life completely, he discovered a healthier balance.

Now Tarris is sharing his story to help promote the conversation about chronic Cannabis use and what a mature or healthy relationship with Cannabis looks like person-to-person. Tarris speaks with high school kids about Cannabis use and hopes to develop an alternative drug education program for kids that focuses on harm reduction and education rather than abstinence and prohibition.

You can learn more about Tarris and “Don’t Let It Smoke You” at

Stay curious, and take it easy!

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